Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I love Easter, especially since its the day Jesus rose...
For this day, I chose to make cute little cake pops that kids would love,
 because I was selling them at a fundraiser bake sale for my church. 
I made easter eggs, bunnies, and sheep. 

For the bunnies, I used Bunny Corn, which I found at Micheal's Craft Store....The nose is a jumbo heart sprinkle and the eyes are white circle sprinkles, and I used edible ink pens to draw on the mouth and eyes

 For the Sheep, I used mini marshmellows and cut them in half, and attached them to the cake pop using candy melts. I also used a black jellybean for the head and black chip sprinkles.
 For the chick, I used yellow chip sprinkles for the wings, orange chip sprinkles for the nose, and orange flower sprinkles for the feet. These were the easiest, besides the eggs. 
And here's the picture of the bunch.....

I hope you enjoy! There's more to come soon.....

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