Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dalmatian Cookies!!!

So, Saturday was my baby brother's 1st birthday party!! Time sure does fly, doesn't it. My mom chose to do a firetruck-themed party. 

So, to go along with the theme of the party, I decided to do dalmatian sugar cookies with white vanilla frosting. These were super easy to make and so fun to decorate.
(p.s. the date on the photos are wrong) 

The ears were made from Oreo cookies, cut in half. I used a mini marshmallow for the nose and black gel icing for the eyes, nose, and spots. And then I used red gel icing for the tongue. 

My mom had a family friend, Shandi, make his birthday cake, which came out just wonderful. I swear, she's gifted when it comes to baking. 

Like I said, very simple and really fun to make. 
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