Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sesame Street Sweetness!

For Evalyn's 2nd Birthday, I did a Sesame Street theme with the red, yellow, blue, and green colors. We had her party at the park on a beautiful cool and sunny day. Everything was decorated and created by hand, including the sweets and decor. The cupcakes were my absolute favorite. They were easy, cute, and so fun to make. 

I found this invitation online, which was actually the inspiration for her party decorations and cupcakes. 

For the Cookie Monster cupcake, I used blue frosting, half a chocolate chip cookie for the mouth, and candy eyes, and the cake was chocolate. 

Oscar the Grouch was chocolate cake with green frosting. I used black gel icing for the mouth, red frosting for the tongue, candy eyes, and bits of chocolate for the eyebrows. Notice I used silver cupcake wrappers to look like a tin garbage can. 

For Elmo, I used strawberry cake, red frosting, candy eyes, black icing gel for the mouth, and an orange tic-tac for the nose. I would recommend using an orange candy that more of a circle though. 

For these cupcakes, I just used confetti cake, white vanilla frosting, and rainbow sprinkles. 

I didn't get a picture of her smash cake, but it was a simple white cake with white frosting and huge rainbow sprinkles that I purchased from Target. It went perfectly with the theme. 

The decorations were really easy, I used construction paper to make each characters face, the banners, and the food labels.

A fun idea I had was to make food labels to go with each Sesame Street character.  

I had these tubs from Evalyn's 1st birthday party, so I cut our letters and numbers and pasted them on. I used each on to hold lollipops and the different colored silverware wrapped in a napkin. 

 And then I had everyone where Sesame Street shirts!!! 

This party was a blast!! Hope you enjoy!!!

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