Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks For Thanksgiving!

Isn't is funny how we all wait 365 days for that one day where we can stuff our faces without feeling any guilt at all? The one day out of the year where Gluttony is no longer a sin? 
I sure do love Thanksgiving! And my grandma's cooking....
So to add to all the holiday fun, I made these adorable cake pops!!!

My daughter would say "Gobble-Gobble" every time she seen this Turkey Cake pop. I caught her in the fridge a few times trying to sneak one, and shes only 2!!

The Turkey Cake Pops were covered in dark chocolate candy melts, caramel squares rolled into a ball for the head (not a good idea), orange tic-tacs for the nose, jumbo heart sprinkles for the 'gobble' pretzel sticks for the legs, black candy writer for the eyes, and candy corn for the tail-stuck on with left-over chocolate.

**The caramel kept melting on me no matter where I put it, so I would suggest using a caramel-colored hard candy for the head instead if you don't plan on serving them right away**

The Pumpkin Cake Pops were super easy. Just dip in orange candy melts and stick on a piece of pretzel for the stem. The cake pops were made out of Spice cake and cream cheese frosting. Very yummy!!

And here they are as a group!!! As you can see, the heads are no longer round and the chocolate is all messed up. This is where I woke up and found that the head all fell off, and I had to "glue" them back on. 

Now I can't wail till Christmas!! I have a lot of ideas for these cake pops. Between doing these Thanksgiving Cake Pops and eating Thanksgiving dinner every night for the past week, I'm all turkeyed out!! 

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