Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Sweet Treats!

For Halloween this year, I decided to give cake-pops another go.. I tried it for a birthday party, but it came our horrible. But I've learned from my mistakes, as you always should. So this time was so much better and fun. They came out extremely cute, way better than I expected. 

For the cake-pops, I used carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, and white candy melts. 
I also had plastic bags and black ribbon to cover them with. 
Here is the Mummy and Confetti cake-pops. I decorated the eyes with black frosting coloring, but then I had to cover it with red sprinkles so it wouldn't smear when I put the plastic over it. 
I used halloween sprinkles for the Confetti pops.

For the Pumpkin cake-pops, I had to put copper food coloring into the white candy melts to get an orange color ( Everyone was sold out of the orange candy melts and orange food coloring). I used black coloring, a green tic-tac for the stem. 

The Skull was just decorated with black food coloring and red sprinkles. 

 Thats all there is to it!! Have a Hallowicked day!!!

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